Firebase config file error - I want to fix firebase error, please help

Hello. I want help with something. When I install the Googleservises.json application into my application and want to get the apk, I receive the firebase error error. I receive this error even though I have made the necessary corrections in the Googleservises.json application in notepad. How can I fix this?

We don’t know what you call fixes, or why you edit the json, configure your firebase correctly, then download GoogleServices.json and put it as is in the Assets.

Hello, I placed the firebase authentication plugin for my application, then I placed the googleservices.json application in the assets section and when I wanted to get the apk, I received this error, please help.

Please edit your post and re-upload images.

I’m getting firebase error, can you help me?

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Hello dear Boban Stojmenovic. Thank you very much for your reply. Can you show me what is the firebase url? What should I add to the json file?

All the necessary info is in the link above

Hello dear Boban. I clicked on the link you gave me and added the missing line “firebase_url”: “” in the googleservices.json file to the googleservices.json file and added my project ID to where it says your-projekt-id and added it to Finally, I uploaded the googleservices.json file to the assets manager and when I wanted to import my application as apk, I got the same error again. What do I do now? I would be glad if you help. Thank you very much in advance.

Have seen you type countless times the name of the file

but it should be google-services.json

note the - between google and services

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If nothing else helps, then share the aia with us

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I’m sorry forgive me but what is aia? And where will I share it? can you give a link?

aia is your project file




and upload it here

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aia is your project file.


Found this in your json file

as well as package name was missing in kodular

I’ve sent the updated version through PM

Ok thank you very much, I will write again if there is a problem. I wonder what the problem is, I don’t quite understand.

You didn’t provide in kodular the same package as you had in json file



this, I don’t know how it got there but shouldn’t be there

P.S. file that I sent you works to build on my side