Firebase data doesn't show

Hello koders,

I usually didn’t use firebase. In this project i am using.i was getting data from firebase perfectly. But the problem is when i tried to show data.same data was showing perfectly in kodular listview.but i was trying to show in dynamic button.button was creating.but text doesn’t show.
Here is my block

& the result

I didn’t understand where is the problem.Help me to solved this problem.thanks in advanced​:slightly_smiling_face:

What’s the Button Text Color.

It’s default. Normally default one is black

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What i think / thaught -
There is text in Button.

As width of every Button is Different.

Sorry i was wrong.

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Yeah.i was thinking also same.i tried before with set button color.but same think.i tried with different dynamic extension

Try removing Decoration Utilities for a minute.

Ok.let me try & i will show the result

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Important note.Button default text color is white!! so when you use the background color to white and the text color is set to white by default.So of course nothing will appear :upside_down_face: Try setting dynamic button text color.Hope it works :wink:
Create a normal button and you will see its white and not black.
May be i’m worng :zipper_mouth_face:

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And thats exactly what i thaught.

me too.

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That’s true :+1:I only wanted to tell him that this isn’t the default text color.He must set it your slef

@ADDYLIN & @Mohamed_Tamer you guys are right. After set the text color of button it was showing perfectly. Thanks guys

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