Firebase data fetch issue

the issue in firebase data fetch some time app mot response and firebase data come after 1or 2 minute
what is the issue first 2 screen data come immediately but after 2 screen time issue and app crash

You can show relevant block !
How many tag to you get value at the same time ?

3 tag at one time

Issue is simple low speed internet connectivity

You can show more blocks ? like firebase got value ?
Your proyect bucket is OK ? Looks too long

Yeah, is right you suggestion, but @gurpreetsingh_gurpre says “after 2 screen time issue and app crash”
I don’t know of any delay with firebase and that the app crash !!

Just put the join text to the tag.

Looking carefully at the project bucket, I think it’s missing / at end.
or I’m wrong ??

If / was missing at end then data will not come as he is saying it is come late by 1 to 2 minutes.