Firebase Data not fetching

I am trying to fetch the data but i am only getting latitude but not longitude,

Please Help.

Are You Manually Storing Data ?
If Yes So Include Data Like This

"\" Your Data \""

NO, The data storing according to the phone’s location…

Try To Store Lik This :point_up_2::point_up_2:

The data is stored automatically …Captur2

This Is Working For Me



try this,


See, You need to store the data when value of the lat or lon is not equal to 0, add an if with this condition and everything will be fine.

I tried a lot but still its not working and showing the same error.
Please help.

you tried as i said?

check the text of the tag with which you save the longitude

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when i trying to call the list i am even not getting any list the screen is blank:

first try to show your got value in a label to make sure you are getting data from firebase correctly

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I can’t see it well but I think the tags don’t match you, as regards the first case with the longitude

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no this is not by location change block

no i am not getting any data

then error is in firebase configuration or tags

Try to come out from the room outside under the sky. ANd test whether the data is being sent to Firebase. Sometimes while we sit inside the house, the GPS wont work properly

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