Firebase db free alternate

Firebase have many limits. Like Connection storage. Download. peak…is there any free and unlimited db alternate to this which doesn’t have such limits?

No, there is not. Nobody is going to create and maintain a free unlimited service for you.

In future search Google for non-Kodular related queries.

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ProKoders seems to be like hired by Kodular for warning people like us!
By the way, Thank u for your time and reply.


You can try baserow, gsheet

I’m not hired by anyone. It’s fairly common sense that very little in the world is free, especially when it costs someone time and money to create and maintain. Profit is the motivation for every business.

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free services always have some kind of limitation. Like in speed, storage, etc.
you can try free service like google spreadsheet, which is kind of an unlimited service and only downside I face in this is the speed.
For starter apps or apps which doesn’t depends that much on the database, then according to me google spreadsheet is best.
Or else use mySQL with paid hosting.

You also know very well, that you might have spoken that thing in a different way, but you chose the so called “professional tone”. But, anyways, continue being that much professional, people will appreciate you a lot from the bottom of their heart.

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I will not let you bait me into an argument with your carefully crafted sarcastic comments.

I already cleared, I even don’t want to do so. I don’t have that much caliber and status to argue with professionals like you. Pardon me, please.