Firebase doesnt update email

hello, i am trying to update the email in firebase, but after doing that, firebase doesnt change the email at all.

i am unsure of what to do now to allow users to change the email

thanks for helping me out

I hope you don’t want to get a suspension :slightly_smiling_face:

didnt get you exactly

Double posting is not allowed.


previous is deleted

nevertheless, any answers???

wow no answers

People please help me. Please explain how can I change the Email-Id using firebase. When i change the Email in firebase using blocks, next time firebase β€˜gets’ the user, previous email-id reappears.

Please help and reply

You need to wait.
Be patience.
According to your behavior no one want to help you.
Learn before posting no one here have super power show what you have tried.
Post screenshot

@ujjavalravin05 Please add some screenshots if you want help

Sorry everyone if my language was discourteous or unnerving, but my app has to be launched immediately and this bug cropped at last moment ; i became anxious.

Sorry once again

the screenshot ^^^

Thanks everyone for helping


why doesnt kodular support this??

does anyone have any idea how can i change the email-id of account in firebase???