Firebase getBytes "download" method

Is there any way in kodular to download the file directly to RAM instead to a local storage of android phone using firebase storage? It’s a standard method, why kodular lacks it?

Did you try this one @HeyAveHey ?

after asking permission storage to external devise, you can direct the app to download into to external storage as in this format


Yes. But my files contains critical data - I don’t want to write them on external storage even if they are encrypted. For now i have to download the file, read the content and delete them.

I’m creating an external server for creating custom tokens which communicate with firebase, my app and google in-app billings. Downloading directly to RAM/“variable” makes it less hackable and easier, cause my files are small.

With appropriate extensions it’s not needed to ask for permission since specific app storage path doesn’t require it. It’s a kodular bug it asks for permission.

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