Firebase if tags exists ? dan create automatic tag suggestion

hello everyone !

I am confused when implementing this logic function, when I run it it affects the login session I created.

You left nothing for community to understand the actual scenario. :roll_eyes: Post relevant blocks, the expected and actual behaviour.

I’m so sorry, i’m new here.

can you help me to explain i meaning, this’s my block code

this’s my firebase-real-time

And, what is the issue you’re facing?

when i create same tags, other function doesn’t work, i used tag & value but both are doestn’t work too.

Are you trying to say, when you try to store some value which is already exists in database, breaks the app functionality?

Yes it wont work…

Instead of get value just use get tag

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for example I want to create a new tag, which when the data already exists it will display a warning that the data already exists

I’ve used both but it doesn’t work

more precisely, my mistake was to apply the if else function.
can you add block code to make it work, please…

You can put an example aia for a better understanding.

Sorry, this public place, in the aia file is stored firebase along with the code that goes to my personal account


Please post an aia. You can send it to DM if you are not willing to post publicly.

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I have tried like this and found working




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thank you so much :slight_smile:
the block code is very easy to understand for beginners

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