Firebase image problem!

Hey, guys, I got a problem as I was saving the details of the retailer in firebase as a bucket and then to show it to the customers as a profile but I don’t know how to get the image from firebase. As the image is uploaded using the image picker to firebase. Please tell me how to save and call the image in firebase.,
Thank you so much for supporting.:slightly_smiling_face::relaxed::relaxed:

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show me the blocks how you stored the images using image picker

Try this aia file It’s made by me:- Image (1).aia (4.0 KB)

I hope you got your solution…

You can use ’ Firebase storage ’ extension for getting url of a stored image.

@indianreview10, going through your topics I rarely see you giving feedback to the helps you get. When getting a solution mark it :white_check_mark: so others, when searching, can benefit from it too, or at least say if the supports helped or not. Leaving the topic behind is not a good practice!

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I always thank but now I am still not done with the problem . My app is not exporting And it is giving me some errors.

Ok then! So keep giving the information about your issue and following supporters’ help and when you get the solution let them know it. Also, go back through your previous topics and do the same. It’s really important to the community.

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If you have errors then post here.
You are not giving a brief information instead of detailed information.