Firebase invalid url specified error

i know there are other post about this but that didn’t help much. actually i am using following block suggested by @cian in a post like this.
to protect my firebase url and token. it is working. but when the screen intializes it shows invalid firebase url . and when i try to store data or get data from firebase it is working perfectly as it should. so someone pls tell me why it is showing this invalid url error. first i tried setting firebase go offline and set the url and token. but even then the invalid error shows up so please help me.

someone pls reply

Use a clock component, as sometimes the screen takes a bit to initilize. That is where you should set it.

And BTW the update for HackProtect includes extra checks to make sure no debuggers are spying.


Use “menu initialise” instead of “initialise”…
Firebase blocks don’t work on “initialise”

But using “menuInitialise” is cleaner and does not need a extra component

i am already using your extension and i must say that is great at its work. i just wanted to add some extra security. so i tried above block. i will use clock method and will update you if it works.

You will want the update. It has far deeper checks, based on some research papers I have read.