Firebase mobile number Already exist not working

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To get firsttime tag list (lost of pH numbers) based on your fb structure you should not use any project bucket. Then only your blocks will work, Is in it…

Alternate… instead of getting the whole tag list, just get the tag value of that particular phone number.(with pb)

If the get value is empty list or empty then no such mobile number is found else you can alert , this number is already existing

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Please explain dear please i can’t understand dear please help me

test with existing phone numbers in the fb

Set pb to empty string

Call fb get value tag (mobile number text)
If not found , false

When fb get value
If get value= false
Then Mobile number is not existing
Else alert this number is already exisits

Please send the demo block arrangement dear please . Please dear please send block arrangement dear

Next step please dear

Pls read my previous reply. I never recommended get tag list … i always used to recommend fb get tag value

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See, pls read the replies… i am not in system. Firebase have two components ,

Get tag list and when fb get tag list.

I no where mentioned/suggested in the above replies. But you have used both and asking again and again to help you… but helping you and you didn’t get in touch.

I have used/suggested firebase get tag value and When firebase got value

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Yes this is correct… but in clock timer set project bucket as empty string , reconnect the companion and try

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Not working propper please check dear

Can you send sample aia?

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