Firebase: Need a little help again

hello everyone,
i have something wrong : when i upoad a picture with firebase i have no errors (thanks you ) but now, i have this :

and i want that the picture is shows for all the peoples on the conversation

here is the block

This problem looks like wrong blocks in data changed event…You need to post data changed event block image…

here is the block

Opps…That was an old suggestion for me as i thought that you will store image and text in same tag…What you need is to remove your condition in the if then statement and add this condition instead…

Also don’t store the image picker selection in you data base store your download url instead…

ok well, this is as this?


I din’t meant removing the if then else statement completely i meant only removing the = block and replacing it with tag = image then add image message else add message only…
Also remove the image picker slection and replace it with download url variable…

oh ok, i’m sorry, like this?

Remove the green equal block and replace it with this block:
blocks (85)

Remove the last instructions on upoad success (set image1.picture to image picter.selecetion)

Didn’t understand

i have changed this

i remove a bad instruction

(and i change the other thing too i’ll testing

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Does it work now?

nop, it make nothing when i push the button :confused:

Please show me the data changed block now?

when i push the button send : (block) sssssddd

the datablock changed

Change the value variable to tag variable in the data changed block…Also change Image to image ( notice the down cased i )…As you are storing in image and getting from Image…

i did it, i’ll checking if it is working :slight_smile:

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still not working

i need to change this too?

No you don’t need