Firebase or Other Database For Quiz app

Hi everyone,

I am using firebase for a quiz app, where users can earn coins and participate with coins and winners will get another coin.

Lets say I have daily active 2k users they use my app.

Will my database data get full? What is the best option to run a successful?

Oh images will also load in the quiz.

I think MySQL is best option because it is cheap fast and secure.

you can check your usage for each project and i think its enough to handle users up to 10k, you can find details in usage option in firebase,

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Thank you.

Is it safe enough?

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you can check your free data usage limits,

yes, 10k authentication is allowed and storage is 1gb and bandwidth is 10gb per month, i think that’s enough

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I am asking about it Securities and about its loading speed.

You can use Auth system or login with google and then set read and write permission to auth only, its very fast and secure with Auth system

Read this post to get secure data