Firebase OTP login Not working in App


i developed a woocommerce website and i developed android app using kodular. I used firebase OTP login using third party wordpress plugin. Now i am facing 1 issue when i login in kodular app it is not working properly i mean it not redirecting after login or signup it is still asking to signup or login. But when i try this in google chrome it is working perfectly. So please any one help me to solve this problem.

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@Pavan_Kumar1 Have you published your app on play store?

No is is still in testing mode. without HTTPS mode it is working.

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Have you added api key and etc…?

Yes I have added API key, am using login plugin for this in wordpress. it’s working fine in desktop and Google chrome on mobile but not working in app.

Hello got solution, if any one facing the above mentioned problem in your WordPress web view app you should disable and check jetpack plugin to solve this problem.