Firebase permission denied in my login page

When I sign up and login first time then it’s perfect but when I cut the minimize and open the app again it shows a firebase permission denied

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Read this and try again:

Please see this

Because you use firebase auth. And i think you set token after login (which firebase auth is provides). But when you reopen the app you check by tinyDB value is he/she is a register person or not. You need to login every time when you open the app. Because token is expired after some time.


hmm. im not sure, but as long as i remember, i have this issue last year, but it the firebase rules. Check it is write/read mode. If not then correct me if im wrong.

Did you upload google-services.json ?

The app would not have been compiled without Google file.

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Yes I upload it

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This is because your firebase rules is not changed.
It has been already answered: