Firebase phone auth sms confusion

Firebase phone auth is working perfectly until the verification message appears in the above form
what is “hushcrypt - secure phone calls”
i thought the format was ENTER CODE %CODE% or something like that
Any explanation or solution will be greatly appreciated
Thank you in advance

I hope this is default text you set in the otp. To change this go to the firebase authentication page , click on Mobile number and change the custom text

I have checked the whole firebase auth section and there is no such option for custom text, please advise


It is not possible to change the template text of mobile otp nor email verification in firebase auth. You can just change the language of the template message in your firebase console. You have to work with default text given by Firebase or you can use any other service if you want custom text.

AFAIK, this is your app name and you have published your app to Play Store. When you haven’t your app in play store then no name comes in your message.

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Heeey, thanks for the information
about app name, my app name is “smart” and i have not published it to play store

i got the solution, i changed the project bucket in firebase