Firebase Problem

I make a notification button in app . and when the button click i set notification dialog show . and i make a lable and connect with firebase .My problem is i type a text in firebase 'Join this youtube chanel ’ . When i export the app it show as text but i wanted to show ’ as a link and when anyone click there it will open … How can i do it ?

Make label as Clickable, then use Label.Click event.

Where event ?

Open “Blocks” section and select your label component from left side.

I understand what you telling but when user click the link then link open but when user click the lable or text the link will not open.slove this

You need to open Clickable property to use Click event.

Yes i understand but when link will open - it is not my requirement

When lable’s link click link will open - It is requirement

Then use 2 different labels in the arrangement.
1st label’s text = “Join this YouTube channel”
2nd label’s text = your channel link + Clickable