Firebase runtime error

Hey, i am using firebase in my app but it gives me a run time error.

Please help how to fix this.

I think this is happening because you are using images that are to large not because you are using Firebase.


Also if you have multiple screens in your app, then make sure you are switching them correctly.

I think this problem is not from firebase because it also showing in app while picking images or loading offline images also.

your app space is in 2 MB empty, i had that error too ( dont know if the error was exact the same but ,the disk space from my phone was empty in 2 or 3 MB) check your free space on your phone.

That is what i am saying. It is an image problem.

I am only using 1 screen with different layouts.

Please tell me more about it means why will this happen and how to fix it and what is good size of image that will not create any problem.

Then its would be problem with images as @Peter said

Every app needs some memory (RAM) to run on a device. Android automatically allocates this memory when the app initializes. In your case, as you may be using some heavy images in your app, android is failing to allocate the required memory.

Try to first compress your images and then use them in your app

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Have you any idea means any extension or anything to compress images because i am uploading images to my database so it can reduce storage also.