Firebase Storage-Download Image on Assets

Hello, I want to make an application where I download images from firebase. I managed to download the image and save it. But I can’t show the image once it is downloaded … my goal is to download the image once and use it thereafter without downloading it again, as if it were always in Assets.

I see several things that should be done differently.

  1. you cannot download files into the assets (APK)
  2. The path to the assets (Companion) is wrong, this should be:
  3. you would not need READ_ / (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) permission for (reading from) the assets.

So, how can show this images after downloaded them? i want to use it later for cavas and image sprites

You have to download them eg there:

Yes i download in several places the image but i cant invoke it… there is and extension for this to invoke image from other folder?

It’s not an image, it’s a pdf:


ty!.. I will try this!

I tried with 2 types of storage locaion i.e /storage/emulated/0/Phone Storage/Makeroid/ this is giving error and after this i tried with /storage/emulated/0/Phone Storage but this is giving error “could not create a folder to store the download” Please help for this error upload to firebase storage is working fine but download is having problem.

@shubh_patel See here:

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“An unknown error occured, please check the HTTP result code and inner exception for server response”

I receive this error when trying to download a file. And i have tried multiple phones. Any solution to this problem please :pensive:

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Thanks for your reply,…I tried this in three different way but it is not working.I have only internal storage in my android phone. Can you please guide?

Thanks For your support,

After long trial i reach to conclusion that “/storage/emulated/0/” is working for few android phone probably 7 and below and for the latest version above 9 it is giving error.

This i have tried on 3 phones…normally app should work for all the android version…




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