Firebase storage get photo on Folder

My Photo is Uploaded on firebase storage folder
but When I Fatch Photo then No Response found.

I think this happens, because the file is not uploaded yet. Try to get the image in the onUploaded event block. Make sure to pass the right filename, because there will be a delay

When I click ‘ButtonUploadphoto’ then photo uploaded in MMyyyy folder but then I call .Get filename then no response found.

Use a timer with at least time delay of 2 seconds.

No, it’s not problem of time because when I upload image directly on firebase storage (not any folder)

Like this
Then it’s working

I don’t think there is something like MMyyyy in Date Format.
Try something else like date in a valid format.
And don’t use Time with it because a minor change in it will return you null as we know time changes every second.

I am use MMyyyy (Like: 102019) format because
When I use MM/yyyy (10/2019) then it’s not folder name .
This Change in 1 month
I think you don’t understand my problem
My problem is only fatch image url from folder