Firebase Storage Upload/download PDF

Hello, I need some help, I made a pdf upload system for Firebase storage, but now I need to make a list system that shows all the PDFs that are in Firebase Storage and that has a button that I can download them, the same as this video YouTube .

Hi Augusto, welcome.
I suggest you please to search in the community first. Often your question was already answered previously.
Please read this post:

I hope this help you

When your file upload successfully, get file URL and store it in firebase db, file name as tag and download URL as value.

Now you can call tag list in a list view to get list of uploaded files.

Whenever you want to download that file just get value (URL) and use it as download link, your file will be downloaded.

I searched, but what I thought didn’t work with my project

if I understood,
1 you don’t have a problem to upload to firebase storage.
2 need a make a list of all files upload to firebase storage.
3 with one button download all files.
Can show your block.

I did just like this project:

now i wanted to make a system that lists all the pdfs i sent.

You need to store all files uploads links on firebase Data Base.
With Firebase Get Tag List component you get all tag and read values of each tag and after that do you what to do

I did a project like this:

now I need to list all the PDFs that I sent, but I don’t know how to do this, my doubt is how can I do to list all the PDFs that I sent using the system of this link that I sent now.