Firebase Storage - Using Multiple Buckets

Hi guys,
does anyone has experience in using more than one bucket in :firebase: Storage? (Blaze-Plan needed)

When I looking in the :firebase: storage blocks on :kodular: I don’t understand how change the bucket through blocks (like in Realtime Database). Unfortunately the Docs and the Storage Guide on this Community didn’t help me.

I would be interested on how it’s possible to upload/download files to/from other buckets than the ‘standard’-bucket.

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Where is your standard bucket, the root directory ?

Just create folders, these will serve as your buckets.

If you are unable to use the provided components to do this, then you may need to work with the web component and post files to storage.

Thanks for your answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean this with ‘standard’-bucket: (the official name is “default bucket”, sorry!)

Source: Firebase Storage:

I already have folders in my default bucket. So I don’t believe, that every folder is one bucket :thinking: Are you sure with this?

Creating a folder in the default bucket is not a problem!

I see. With the spark plan you just have one storageBucket in Storage:


you can add more if you move up to blaze ($$)

In terms of buckets, this is probably about language and what people call things. On the database side, developers tend to set their “projectBucket” to a firebase node somewhere in their data structure to return output. In Storage, this is replicated by the folders (think nodes)