Firebase Tag name list-view see


How can I see the names of hax and hax tags in listview??
number of hax and hax username dir username will increase

What you want to see in the list view ? Only the tag or also the values or only the values?
Anyway you have to work with list, when you got values save them in a list and then pass the list to the listview. When the for each starts all the values arrive to the got value one after another , if you don’t save them you will see only the last

I want to see tags in list, not others

So set bucket to Users and call tag list. When got tag list set list view to value directly.

Is there a block example? I couldn’t understand you

no man you misunderstood me
I just want to see what’s in the box

So not tags but the values

yes yes my fault sryy

How you want to see them ? Show me an example

The way is this , you have to add in a list and then manage the data to show them in the right way

this is how i did it
Ekran görüntüsü 2023-03-18 144322

In your image I see only tag, you want all the value. I don’t know if can work with elements. I suggest you to work with list and variable and only at th end set the list view

Try something like this

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I will try now

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I used a join block , you can manage that value to show in different way

I checked the blocks but the data did not come

Probably is too fast, try to set a clock where I added the list view. Set the clock enable to true and when tic set the variable in the listview

There add the clock block. Set clock enable to true then in the tic block of the clock move the listview block I used and set clock enable false

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check in your firebase desiner page, there your app name may exist as project bucket, just remove it and USERS and try again…

It worked with a clock to create a delay?