Firebase tag naming rules for avoiding error

like i make a tag name “ra+va” then it stores in firebase “ra va” automatically + symbol is removed by firebase without any warning so while calling it with “ra+va” it give null value
bcz now it is being called by new name “ra va”
so to avoid problems like this i want to know all rules of firebase tag naming rule
please someone help

Firebase doesn’t allow special character in making tags or buckets. But there is a simple solution to it. You can store ra+va as raplusva where you have to replace the + special character to plus string and when you got the value just do the same and the value will be come. Using + as plus isn’t necessary. You can use any value or random string at the place of special characters.
I hope this helps you

Yeah, create a dictionary of the characters to replace and replace all mappings. Also plus is a common one. You can use -plus- to avoid conflicting with other words.

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special character is genertated by encryption of text and i am making it as tag
how can i resolve it

I guess firebase tag is like url rules since it is a database. You can use this method.

Encode to store tag and decode them to get the original data. As you can see # $ is replaced with %23% and %24 etc.,. If you want to get back them in original form. Use the Decode and they will become normal again.

Percentage is a part of urls and it is supported in firebase too

i think so it may work

Friendse tag never allow single character or with extra parameters. Why dont you save it as it is? Why do you want to save with symbol and all and searching for it?

I think url encoding will fix this issue. Since, all firebase database is like a directory/urls. You have a point. But, what if the tag has some special characters in it.