Firebase Variable

Hmm, could you tell me why I should use the function join?

So you can force quotations marks into it, so that Firebase sees it as a complete string, and not perceive the spaces as a break and therefore creating a list.

I am just guessing here.

It does not work.

hmmmm./ . Something is not right. There are many chat applications useing firebase.

I have seen them use a loop for 1 in length of Value do, etc.

I gotta bbring my kid to school, and let me think of a quick experiment we can do in an hour

@Aussiebum the problem lies in your data structure. A simple string stored as a Firebase value should look like this:

"\"Hello World!\""

I did it already. :wink:

I have faced that issue some time ago.
I searched the community and google.But I found only that firebase is not sending complete sentence.
So you can do two things-
1.When you store data from kodular app then replace all spaces by a number or symbol.
And when you got value then replace that number or symbol by spaces.
2.You can leave firebase and make your own storage with TinyWebDB. Hosting your own TinyWebDB
You can switch to airtable or mysql.

Firebase actually does what it’s supposed to. You’ll have a great experience as long as you know how it works. See my solution (post before yours). :slight_smile:

I did the opposite. Firebase is light-years ahead in security, and the data read speeds are quite literally a hundred times faster.

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Yes firebase is very old and is secure.
But firebase is not yours.It is of google.
And TinyWebDB is yours.You can do what you want.
So i think TinyWebDB is a good option.
I have also tried it.But i did something wrong and it ruined.
So i am trying now.

That’s a good argument, but the HUGE performance impact is just not worth it. Did I mention the terrible security? I did make a thread on securing TinyWebDB, so check it out in case you do want to stick to TWDB.


thats the same what i have told him

You told him to replace empty spaces. That’s unnecessary as long as he uses the proper data structure.

he told him to make - or _ and later he should replace that with a space . Which will work

Yes, but why not store strings the way they’re supposed to be stored?

because he didnt get the string coplete back as he saved it, i showed him only a way which will work. No he spend a few hours with no result, with y solution he can work forward.

@Aussiebum write in this type in Value in firebase like this "\" This is a test \"" & i am sure it will work.

I already told him this hours ago. :slight_smile:

He didn’t store the string properly.

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i hope now it works for him, like he want.

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