Firebase Vs Airtable, which one is the best to display images dynamically?

Hey guys,
I am new to the Makeroid and that’s why i don’t know much about it. I want to develop an app in which, i have to display images dynamically from the remote database. After exploring the internet, i came to know that for this either Firebase can be used or Airtable. But the truth is, i don’t know anything about these two technologies.
So, i need your help in deciding which techonogy will be right for this and how to properly configure or setup it.
Thank you!

Both Choice are fully reliable and Cool. You can use any of them. both provide a good service

EDIT: They both will get the Values (Image URLs) Fastly But it will take a lot time to load the Images from your server as u may have to Load Many Images at same Which may also can led to app crashing!
I m sharing it on behalf on my experience!

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Thank you @Techy_Rakshak.
So i decided to do with the Firebase.
So give me some suggestions on how should i do that.

If the Upper solution helps you then may know your work , Plz give it a :white_check_mark: Mark.

So firstly you need to connect you firebase :firebase: Database to your App (Reffered to YouTube tutorial):point_down:

After that you need to fetch your data from the :firebase: DB by calling the tags where you stored data ( Search it on Youtube You will get a lot) .

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I think Airtable is good and the Airtable is a very easy to the use it’s a free Airtable will be working good in kodular so I think use the Airtable


Ok, Thank you.
Can i stored images in the form of URL or attachment in airtable and then display those images inside my app?

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Yes u have to do same . Now just set image source to that saved URLs

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Yes you can be store image link in the Airtable and with cloudunary it’s working good

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Thank you @Techy_Rakshak and @nikhilbobade27, Well can you please assist me to display images with cardview extension in my app.
Thank you!

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how can i make dynamic wallpaper app with cardview extension and airtable in makeroid. like this YouTube. But i don’t want to use extension he used in his video.

You don’t need any extension only need a cloudunary and Airtable

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