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Please everyone help me. I search in this forum and Youtube or Google to find problem: When I use Companion to test my app with Firebase Sign In, It doesn’t work and show me Msg: “It doesn’t work in Companion”. When I export to apk to test, it works normally. Thank you for any helping

Yes it is normal… you. Cannot test it in companion… if you want to test , then use authentication extension

Thank you. It is from Thunkable community and I am very supprise when using it in Kodular. I will test now

Yeah it will work. No issue. But do not forget to enable which pattern sign in you are expecting in the firebase authentication page

I import extention but it sill doesnt work

Did you add firebase api key into the extension?

Did you enable email sign in firebase authentication linked with the api firebase project?

Yes. I enabled email sign in. But I dont know how to add firebase in to extension.

To use the extension, you must link it with one firebase project and should use the wep api key into the extension… if not it will not work…

this key, must added to the extension…

Thank you very much for help. And can you guide me one more time. How can I add API key to extension, where. It is “no property” in Property window

Add the extension into the project and click over it, you will find the place for adding your api key

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Oh, I forget that. Thank you so much. Ha ha

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Gowri SankaR, thank you
If you have free time, can you show me How to make an email authentication after I click Sign up. In extension don’t have this event. And reset password too. Thanks

this is how i tried, and got working without any issue…

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