Firebase Withdraw list

Hello, good night, how are you all Kodular developers? I have created an app which has withdraw system but when user withdraw something it is not showing withdraw list data also my all working please can anyone solve this problem?

My firebase json -

Withdraw screen ais - (12.9 KB)

withdraw & withdraw list problem aia. (4.2 MB)

I have given these 2 screen ais and firebase json, and withdraw screen ais please solve the problem so that I can use.

please solve this problem

show us your blocks

withdraw screen or withdraw list screen because of extra block due to which I can’t share the screenshot, please check the above aia and withdraw list screen ais and see where there is problem or can you make me a withdraw list ais?

main withdraw from firebase (12.9 KB)

Hello, please slove this problem

Do not upload aia from mobile. Better sit in pc and do… now withdraw list is showing , no need to use firebase list + firebase get value. Simply use get value alone and parse into dictionary mode

There is only one list under withdraw… so it is showing one list

Thank you but since I don’t have a pc, I build and publish apps with kodular. So can you tell me why this withdraw problem is not showing on my or any other mobile phone? Or can it solve the problem? Or can you provide aia or screen that I can use? :star_struck:

Thanks You

the problem is you have not handled the project bucket properly

While getting time, i mean in withdraw list project bucket Ronymia should not come in firebase1

Now i just able to get withdraw list but after clicking withdraw it doesnot save or change the status Pending into paid or something, instead it creats another bucket and stored… this is not good…

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Oh, can you help me solve this problem? I tried to give the firebase project correctly but couldn’t, for which I request you

firebase url - #

Project Bucket - NUMBERS

i have hinted the problem, now it is bed time… you can do it… Other than are good i hope… While using the aia, i have deleted the ad mob due to 4.5MB … now it look like 2.5MB , since i removed some of your screen may not work properly or need to recreate

Do not share your firebase url in public

Highly sensitive matter it is… else you need to create another project bucket and have to change all

Also why it is creating the number… actually this is no need… All must be in same project bucket… so that easily you can track…

:writing_hand: First design your firebase then start to work else it will become headache.

Good night

assets_copy(1).aia (2.5 MB)

A request to set up my firebase project properly so that I can use it, I hope you will keep this small request or help of mine.

thanks you

If your Querry is solved you can simple mark the answer as question so that others can easily get the solution

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Also You can simply pm @Still-learning to request him

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Not show :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have checked all the firebase project busket but still I can’t solve the problem, is there any block place problem due to which it is not showing?

Please help

Evening only i can try . I have my professional work

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Well this is a problem with any firebase project bucket please let me know or give me some time if you have time now

thanks you

this block with tiny DB1

I have given tiny DB1 number as firebase project bucket,and put it everywhere, #koded #off-topic #discuss #guides