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hello, I have been with kodular for a short time and your extension looks great, but I cannot test it, I did all the configuration, accepted the application to firebase, changed the rules, put the APIKEY, IDPROYECT and IDAPP, but it fails to add the 200 cities and don’t believe it the collection please help me I may be doing wrong

Are there any error messages?

Did you mean mobilesdk_app_id?

Check it if your block is configured in a similar way.

You shouldn’t share the API Key to everyone!!

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This is not my API Key. :grin:

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I was working on the same extension from last few days and I have to say that you’ve really done a great job, especially since you were able to keep the extension’s size so small. Congrats, @jarlissonlira2!


I managed to reduce the size using version 15, later versions had problems.
Thank you! I really admire your work, I use your Phase extension.

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Everything works fine
I don’t know where the data is coming from and adding to
I set all the the things needed (As per your post)
But not showing anything in Dashboard
All usage is 0
I set rules to false, even then it is working


Thanks for your prompt response, there is no error message, when I did the test with kodular companion and click the button add 200 cities, the app restarts and the companion disconnects, so I installed the APK directly to my phone and something curious happens , when you click on the add 200 cities button, no collection record or document is seen in firestore, but when I click on show 200 cities it extracts the data that does not exist and shows it in the list, I close and reopen the app, I add others 200 cities and firestore continues without records, but when I click on show 200 cities it shows a list with 400 cities some with repeated ID, I don’t know what I can be doing wrong, I will keep trying

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Try reloading the firestore page, it happens to me too.

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Same here @jimmy_ma


Version 1.1

  • Fixed issues

Note: The problem has been resolved, however, it will not be possible to use this extension with the Firebase Storage, Firebase Auth and Firebase Remote Config components. Unfortunately, it is a pity, if anyone wants to help me, I will be grateful, I changed the name of the Sdk package so as not to conflict with the mentioned components, but unfortunately I was not successful, apparently it only worked on Android 10. It is worth mentioning that this extension does not will work in Companion.


Make Firebase Notification Extension

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Hi! I have some problems!
I did exactly what you told me to do to use the cloud firestore.
I downloaded the app.

by the way
“FirebaseApp with name second app doesn’t exist. Available app names: [DEFAULT]”
There’s a runtime error!

What can I do to solve this problem?


FirebaseApp with name second app doesn’t exist. Available app names: [DEFAULT]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

please help

Excellent extension. Users have the chance to use another new database. Options are increased. Good.

The extension is excellent. Very good! I am looking for alternatives to work with Firebase Authentication. Congratulations on the work. The guide is also great.

You must set your Firebase details using the InitializeFirebase block.


Line #88 of jarlisson2/FirestoreAIX.

Solution to cause

Line #98 of jarlisson2/FirestoreAIX.


my problem is the same. I already have set my Firebase details in InitializeFirebase block. but still error as below.

“FirebaseApp with name second app doesn’t exist. Available app names: [DEFAULT]”

the error occur when call Firebase1 InitializeFirebase. help me please.

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