Flipper view addition

How can I add images and flipper-like that one is in WhatsApp

can you please elaborate?

Suppose I am using view flipper for the how to use the app information. I want the flipper to swipe and when it ends the button should change to done and when the button is clicked it closes and opens the app text screen.

I want this type of introduction screen using the view flipper component. I want three images showing with

the three circles which I mean is shown in below link example.

highlighting the images.


This is called app onboarding screen you can search in community

See this it will help you

where can I get these type of images

you have to draw them yourself, or you need to hire someone to work on that image/UI

You can get free vector illustration from freepik.com

I use Search | unDraw, if we use png images, it’s fully free without crediting the author, even like loading image kodular vector are taken from there.

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