Fontawesome Chinese text Error

When I Use fontawesome Text Typeface
I Entered Text as &#xf64c It Should Show Me as Calculator Symbol
But It Shows Something Chinese . Seeing First Time This Error

Image In Phone APK exported

Device Testing
M30s Android 11 One ui 3.0


iPhoneCalc (3).apk (5.2 MB)

iPhoneCalc (2).aia (40.1 KB)

I don’t the Meaning of that letter itself

I believe you can not use fontawesome pro icons unless you pay

You can try to use the Material Icon for Calculator

can you tell why it shows chinese

Do not know the reason , when something is wrong, fonts are either showing as a box with cross or either showing Chinese characters.

Is these Safe . Chinese Characters. At least What is The meaning of the letter Please Tell

Last Question
How will it detect that The Dev is a Paid user

it’s 戟, pronounce likes gee, means spear, some kind of ancient weapon.


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