For In app purchase I need make sign up in kodular

So I need make sign up screen or not

I was making support Developer button
Who wants to donate to develop can donate
After purchase I give member badges to particular user who have donated

How to get to know who is member I know component available. But how component works means I need make sign up screen or not but I need without sign up

Pls tell me with the help example so I can understand

Use firebase…

Without sign up is there is any way

THen it will be based only on mobile, lose your mobile, lose your purchase made

If you want a secure environment then you should use Firebase Auth.

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If I will not give any badge

I have an example In play store there game know as rope Hero Vice Town Hero (I not play this game my little bros play) this game also have donate option without any sign up

Edit: first time I am using in app billing component :sweat_smile: that why I don’t know

Donation doesn’t require signup.
The user just has to transfer money to the developer’s bank account.

Google Play store will accept my app if I not make sign up ( just I am confirming)

I don’t think it has any problem.
Just send the user a confirmation message after transaction is successful.

After donate Using notifier i can show message or pop up message

Edit: I guess using notifier is it ok


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@Alaqmar_Bohori thank you you you so so so much much much

You are welcome :smiley:

Hey do you know any example of block

So I can understand :sweat_smile: which block I have to use I read doc but I didn’t understand

You can use this extension by @Taifun -

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no sign up or in is required for billing …
i takes email own it ow i guess