[FOR SALE] Game with 70K Installs - Created in Kodular

I want to sell my popular game with 70 000 installs.
Game was created in Kodular.

Link: PC Building Simulator (Click Here to View)

Active Users: 2 300
Daily New Installs: 80 - 150

3.9 Stars Rating - based on 900 reviews

What you get if you buy this app?

  • AIA File
  • Keystore File
  • Complete APP Transfer from my to your Google Play Developer account.

AdMob Monetization - Banner, Interstitial Ads, Rewarded Video

If you are interested, send me your price offer to PM.

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App didn’t open at all . I tried 10 times to open the app every time it crash and when app open then it stuck on loading.
I got it why you sell this application .

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At least it would be fair if you would tell him your mobile specs like android version, device…

how did you get so many downloads? have you something advice?

Android 10, mobile - redmi7 4gb ram

Maybe something is wrong with your smartphone, because I have also redmi note 7 - 4gb ram, and it works good - loading take a few seconds.

You need to be connected to network if you want to play.
This is the reason why app stuck and loading.

And no it is not the reason why I sell the app.
The reason is that I need money to start new business, so I want to sell my popular app.

If you are not interested, just close this topic and do not publish inaccurate information.
Thank you.

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See br0ther i Don’t have issue with you and my internet connection is very good but it stuck everytime and crash also. If you are not believe on me check it on your playconsole

It is a good idea to post some screenshots because not everybody bother to go to play store and download it to check how it looks.

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I’ve sent you a message.