"Force" someone to do a social thing before proceed

Hi everybody!
I looked up on the search button but cant find everything related. I also thought i had written this topic already but cant find it.
My question is:
How can I set up ad event related to a social button?
Example. User can proceed to the next page only if he Likes the App on Facebook or Follow the App on Instagram.

Like a button that says “follow the app on Instagram to get more coins” or “like the page on facebook to get extra coins” that automatically does the event.

I know it’s tricky, tha k you in advance for your help!

@MauYellow To do things like that you need to learn about Facebook and Instagram API

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I would never use an app that forces me to do such things. What kind of app are you making. You are talking about getting coins for actions. That sounds like an earning app.

I think if you forces users to do that i wonder if it will get approved by the Kodular developers when you ask for monetization.

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Thank you very much, i will look up for tutorials and docs files.
Do you (or any of you) have advices of what tutorial is better to look at?

Many thanks

Thank you for you answer Peter!

That was just the simplest example that pop’d up in my mind.
In fact there’s not monetization involved in this particular case, it was just the simpliest way to describle my intent.

I am creating an app just for Barman and Bar Managers that determines the Drink Cost of a Cocktail, either if you choose a pre-existing cocktail name on a spinner or either if you put products and quantity by yourself. You can also modify the prize of the product on a side-menu. Fortunatly there are no coins involved at all.

On the other hand i am not quite sure where I can put this “extension”, but i’d love to connect my instagram page as users can (or can not) follows me in exchange of something valuable. (i’m also open to new advices).

Thanks to both of you, if you find youserselves having few more advices of tutorials or certain pages i need to look at, it would be fantastic!

A more simple approach to that would be something like what a real estate agent is doing where I live (Utah) She has pink colored cars with her advertising wrapped and whoever posts a picture of her cars on her Facebook page, she sends them a $5 gift card. Simple and very engaging. Just make sure to mention the “social task” in your app and place a link to your social media pages.