Found a bug :-(((

Describe your issue

I use ?reg_ and its fine

I use &reg_ and it compiles to this… (register sign) © (but with a ‘R’)

Steps to reproduce the issue

easy to replicate

Expected Behaviour

fixed by changing to >>>>> &regi_

Android version


which component?

on a web URL

like this one…

You may try URI Encode block
or avoid using pre-defined HTML Entities keywords
® © € £ etc…


I wasnt using “pre-defined” anything.

What Im saying is that if you begin with &reg_ it compiles to an ASCII SIGN

Thats all

Its definatly a bug because when I changed it to &regi_ the compile error went away


You need to escape your & in the url to &

The uriEncode block may handle this for you.

It is not a Kodular/AppInventor bug

ah ah…

Thanks but its an easy mistake to make and not one one might expect after all

what says &reg is an internal code?

But thanks

As for the solution, Its not possible to do in the way I layout my url string (unless you can show me how)

Thanks all te same


possibly one or other of these (not able to test)

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Thank you I will keep it in mind for future


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