[FREE] AddressInfo - Some calculations about address

“your school address” means?

Means the address of your school

m sorry, i mean how to set it. pin point from map or what?

You will can make something like that:

got that.
i just stuck on how to fill “yourschooladdress” :pray:

You have a school… right? This school must have an address,Right?Replace the word Your School Address with the address of your school…

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like that?

Definitely…But take care,That’s works only if you was far from your school with 50 Meters only…
Also you can add the same if then statement in the location changed event (location sensor component )… so if someone was far from your school then he become nearer the button shows immediately…

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Thanks for you reply, but I talk about how it looks on the phone, i see the blocks example. I hope you understand me, sorry for my english.

I thought that extension doesn’t need to show screen shots…Anyway, I will capture some :+1:

i try to check, if my location is in radius
when i use DistanceBetween, i got 2481 meters from my school. but when i use the IsInRadius, that will return False

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Wait let me try with your location and see, every thing looks correct.:thinking:

For me it looks nice:
P.S: i had some problems with the google maps component, So i used the location sensor, you can try to use current longitude /latitude blocks there.

Great Extension !! :+1:

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i’ve try this, but its doesn’t work. they’re still return the same value (False)

What does latitude from address, longitude from address and my location blocks return?

no, it’s just an indicator. if the value is true, it will output the upper String (“Dalam Jangkauan”), if false or not in the radius it will write the distance between 2 points.

Try using the location sensor component, instead of the google maps component

still return the same value (false)

Can you send a test aia? for me it’s working :sweat: