[Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application

I am also facing the same error. Anyone have solution?

Still same error

But my apps working fine with @oseamiya extension and i updated my 2 apps in last 2 days.

Please send the test aia file.

My app is live on playstore so i can’t able to share aia.
But in my case even if i just drag admob sdk or sdk lite extension than also getting same error

Now i am making decision to shift on other platform but i maked this app by much much very hard working. So i don’t want to create again this app on other builder.

Please tell me what should i do??
If there are no kodular original ad component work than why we purchase premium ? , Why we use ads extension , why kodular premium ?

Use the extension until kodular updates it sdk. No need for too much complain. Be happy such extensions are free and working. Most other platforms are also facing bugs issues. I think kodular has been the best since.

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I did that but it still dosn’t work.

Have you solved you problem.

I don’t have any plugins in my app. But I am getting the same error. I think it is because of the firebase authentication that I have used in the application. Has anyone found another solution?

Hello, the application works successfully as apk, but when I install the play console from the plugin, I get this error, can you help?


is there any alternative? :thinking:

I have the same problem. If I try to upload my App in Play Console using The “AdmobSdks” I got the error but if I remove the “com.oseamiya.admobsdks.aix” I´m able to upload the .aab file.

What could I do? I tried also the Lite version, same result.

And, inf I export in .APK my App work localy

Just remove the extension and again upload the extension. Then it will work for sure.

I have already tried many times to remove the extension and reload it, but I always get the same result.

What error u r getting, because 2 days ago i updated my app wity the admob extension without any error.

This one:

Are you using Firebase components? I do. Could be this the problem?

Yes i am using that as well.

Yes firebase goes in conflict with this free extension

The problem is that there is a conflict between the Firebase Authentication and the Admobslik. One of them must be deleted until the problem is solved until the developer finds a solution to this problem

Do you know if a paid version works or will the incompatibility problem with Auth continue?
I am using AdmobSdkLite.
If I use the full version of the Sdk will it be the same?