[Free] Advance Google Sheet Extension with Filter and Query

User col index ? Which mean, for every user you are using col.?? We and all use only row

To make us clear show your gsheet screenshot

i want to het user index by using column c

Create a new col A with autofill numbers and use select A where C =

how i dont understand

No man, in col A right click , create a new col left side… so existing data will be moved one col to right side

ok i understood

Great extension
Can you add some more blocks for delete row
if possible
Like In Coloum A there are 5 Xyz and some others
I want to delete all 5 xyz at same time

Upcoming Blocks in next month we are working on these blocks
update row
update cell
update column
update range
create row
create column
Apply Formula
Apply Filter
SQL Query
Delete Row
Delete Column


can i use this type query?

   3959 *
   acos(cos(radians(37)) * 
   cos(radians(lat)) * 
   cos(radians(lng) - 
   radians(-122)) + 
   sin(radians(37)) * 
   sin(radians(lat )))
) AS distance 
FROM markers 
HAVING distance < 28 
ORDER BY distance LIMIT 0, 20;