[Free/Beta] Mail Sender : An Extension to Send Emails


com.kab.MailSender.aix (707.4 KB)


in mailType, what should I use? text block?
and what should I write in transportProtocol?

write mail type : html / plain text

Write smtp

I have tried, it still doesn’t workblocks (3)

Dm me apk, I will check logs

mail type should not be html there are specific block for it


I think you are using Zoho Mail free plan which doesn’t support SMTP connection via third-party clients. You need to upgrade your plan

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:grin: if I am using free plan of zoho email, I will not try this extension

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The extension is tested to be working with Gmail

Will test with other services soon

Will this automatically send a mail or should we press the send button…

u need to trigger send email function

Thank You @UnknownBeast

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Hey, this is not working

Hello, thanks for your very *Detailed error report, I will fix it soon

…etc…etc… *sarcasm

Inspired by @taifun :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great! Nice Extension, But It’s work only Wifi Connectivity. Not work in Mobile Data Connectivity.

is it possible with attachment pdf, jpg?

How extension?

great extension , i wonder is it possible to send an email via [ gmail ] or his email application already installed without opening it via ur extension or any other extension ?

can i use domain mail id and passwords?

This feature is removed by Google recently (in late September I guess?), so this extension might no longer be working.

What you can do is try an alternative. @Taifun has a list of them.

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