[FREE] BezelControl for Wear OS device

An extension for those who are trying to write applications for watches based on Wear OS devices
, it controls the actions of the bezel.
it is based on the wearable-2.8.1 library, but there is no other way and therefore the extension has a lot of weight.
perhaps in the future I will add functions from this library.
briefly about the blocks that do not require additional explanations :

To activate the bezel control, it should be initiated. then it is tracked in events. I also added a function that puts the focus on the component that will be scrolled by the bezel.

WearBezelControl.aix (821.4 KB)


That is will be awesome if you add demo.
And can you share url of this lib

It’s not easy to get a demo from a watch. and most importantly, it is not required. the operations are described and verified. and the link to the library is here: https://maven.google.com/com/google/android/wearable/wearable/2.8.1/wearable-2.8.1.aar
it contains enough sections for creativity.

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