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It was written in docs, I just posted that code so that if he likes to add, he can add, Also, you may know significance of email-targeted bug tracking, he can mail the specific users using smtp that thanks for reporting the bug/ or he can see on whose device bug has occured

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You need to understand that an email isn’t linked to one device, it can be linked to multiple… It wouldn’t make a difference.

I don’t because I don’t collect emails to email people and say “Congratulations! You found a bug.”

You can also do this in the application after the bug was “reported.” There’s no need to email the user afterwards and waste resources.

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@hammerhai you are right :+1:

I just suggested code to him, not asked him Add it right now!


there is an example of aia, or a video example. how to use it correctly?

I registered on the site. received a token. how to connect it correctly. I don’t know

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Hi @Dominick_Skidrow
You can set token using - SetToken 346x30
Then InitializeBugfender - Initialize 345x30
Use methods to send log

Methods Documentation

Blocks Description
Issue 302x79 Send an issue log.
Crash 306x79 Send a crash log.
Debug 335x79 Send Debug log.
Error 324x79 Send an Error log.
Warning 345x79 Send a Warning log .
Trace 328x79 Send a Trace log.
Fatal 324x79 Send a Fatal log.
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how to implement it correctly?

or is it not obligatory to do and we only need a token ?

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will it be necessary to decompile the program and edit the manifest? :eyes:

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much easier. than I thought. Thank you :eyes:

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how can I get the token . which website?

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Bugfender - Remote logs for your apps


send issue block should be on same screen where we initialized bugfinder or we can use it on another screen ?
and what is this text block ISSUE and OOPS ISSUE ??