[Free] Button Effects Extension

@Srrazmi ok thank you

Very nice thank you

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Thank you man


Thank you my friend for your job ! :wink:

You are welcome

Hello I offer you a special extension today to change the design of the button and its shape and add some effects …

da15b947fd32368f15c1c6646605822e35ad5357 com.ahmadSyria.ButtonDesigner.aix (7.4 KB) com.ahmadSyria.ArrangementDesign.aix (7.6 KB)
I wish you an enjoyable experience
Ahmad matr (syria)


That was already created.what’s the new?

I now merged the 2 threads

@msr79526 No new I had previously posted on thunkabe and today I am posting it on here because it’s an extension of my creation


Nice one.

It seems @Lily has encountered a problem with your extension. Have a look on it.

@Lily This project shortens the extension work that you just created button effects
buton.aia (29.5 KB)
I am using app Inventor to test my extensions
Ahmad matr

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Hi @Ahmad_matr
I just downloaded your extension for a use in one of my projects and found a spelling error.

You have spelt “Radius” as “Rudius”.
See this -

Hope you will correct it

It is not without some spelling errors, and there is no perfect human being

Chill, chill. Alaqmar_Bohori is just correcting you :sweat_smile:


Great extension :golfing_man:t2:


Thank you my friend

That is a cool extension. Anytime soon Kodular could be just as great as Android Studio because of advanced features and tons of components. Also, the Ripple color property is spelled Repple Color. Nice extension. Will this work on MIT App Inventor or any other AI2 Based Platforms outside of Kodular.

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There are some typos as well.


English Translation from Arabic:

Thanks darling for the compliment and compliment

Could you please share a example code