[FREE] CallNumber Extension

This extension simply allows you to call any number without asking for unnecessary permissions because when using PhoneCall component,it asks for extra permissions which is not specifically needed here.

This extension just needs the telephone permission (android.permission.CALL_PHONE),

Thanks to @Point For Sponsoring this extension :smile:.




AIX - com.atomdeveloper.CallNumber.aix (6.3 KB)


Cool Extension ! Keep It Up

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it look like you only using a intent.

It only does matter that it works with guidelines.
Can you tell me from which source do you know it?

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i also created a call attend extension but didn’t publish . even i didn’t test it

you can download and check

aryan.gupta.Answer.aix (4.6 KB)

I tell this because you have created powerful extensions. and creating this type of extension (which can also perform using intent inbuilt component) is not impressive. :thumbsup:

Check below.

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ohh sorry for misunderstanding you.