[Free] Cloudstreets Extension - Open Google Maps with defined parameters

Hi developers,

Am here to introduce Cloudstreets - A dedicated extension to open google maps application with a defined destination, origin and travel mode.

The extension is completely free to use but decompiling of the extension is prohibitted. You are free to share the extension with your friends so that it can help them too

I would be amused to see how you have used this extension, you can tag me in your post to show your love towards my work.

This is the first version of this extension and many more updates are yet to come based on your suggestions, do help me in improving it by adding up your suggestions here

It currently offers 3 major blocks as shown in the image below :

For docs you can visit our official website : https://docs.xyberneo.com and click on Cloudstreets

Any youtuber or blogger intrested in making a video/ writing a blog can do so without any prior permission from me

You can also join our support group on telegram : Telegram: Contact @XyberNeoExtensions

You can ask any query that you have regarding the extension .

PM for further information.

Latest Version of Extension :

Cloudstreets.aix (7.9 KB)


XyberNeo AKA Aditya


Nice work, thanks a lot for the extension

:+1:t2: :+1:t2:


Thanks a lot :grinning:


looks amazing can you share sample blocks it would help me and other users


I have made a complete detailed guide with all possible conditions and everything inclusive, its there on the website


NOTE : Turn on desktop mode while viewing it cause its not responsive, will make it so in sometime

Thanks for the response, have a great day ahead


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Nice extention.can you share the demo result & how we get any place id.it will be better if we can get place id by your extension


Hey there @msr79526
Am attaching an example of open path by place id, the detailed explanation of all blocks can be found in the docs available at the official website

You can get the place id of any place from this link : Place ID Finder  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google Developers

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, will try to add it in the next update.



Nice extension.KEEP IT UP BR0.


Thanks a lot for your support :heart_eyes:

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