[FREE] CompCreator- lite version of DynamicComponents extension

I can’t actually find the new blocks created by the extension

Check whether you made the cardview or arrangement visible or not. First component must be visible I hope

Instead of using component just type the name of the component, it will be good to use

show your blocks code pls

What about button click ? Please me give an example , please

Thank you!


New blocks:
Set function:
Attach a <tag,value> data on some component.
tag: any String
value: any Object, like String, Number, List, Dictionay, even component;
This can be used to componnets even not created dynamicly.

Get function:
retrieve the data from some component.
return blank string if no such component or no such tag.


Demo aia:
DCLITE.aia (13.6 KB)

pls down load v3


Quite amazing your work…

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Thanks @TimAi2 's feedback, V3 is here


1: set missing property in any Component drawer.
2. change name to CompCreator.

All blocks:


tag: String.
it can be following 3 type:

  1. property name of the component: this can set the build-in perperty;
  2. ‘index’: this can set the order of the component;
  3. any other string: a custom property attached to this component

Can I have an aia for showing a csv file with unknown columns number ?

@Kevinkun why change the topic compcreator it waz dclite

bcs I changed the name of the extension to CompCreator. DCLite is a bit of a misnomer.

give a demo csv pls

I’m sorry, I can’t attach csv file


is it possible to use HorizontalScrollArrangement ?
My goal is a csv editor, see below my current blocks

i have seen same in other post/community.

use label to display the data.

when any label clicked,
get its col and row
popup a input dialogue, ask user to write the new value.

when input finish
save/update data in the csv
display new data on the label

Why labels ? I would edit the cells in place
is it possible to use HorizontalScrollArrangement ?
How can I automatize colums inserting ?

possible and yes.

Can you update my aia ?
CSV_DCLITE.aia (9.7 KB)

pls explain in detail what you want to achieve? or make one drawing?

  1. show a table from csv file with many colums with horizontal scrolling
  2. edit cells content in place
  3. save chenges to csv file