[FREE] Country Picker Extension

Short description

Country Picker extension shows a dialog with country name, flag and dial code. After selecting the country from the dialog returns selected country name, code, flag, and dial code.

Shows country picker dialog with dialog properties customization.

This works on a JSON file that contains country data of 246 countries. You need to upload Country.json (27kb) file in your app assets. No need to upload additional country flag icons since the JSON file contains country flags as emoji.

Picture of all the blocks

Instructions to use extension

Shows the country picker dialog

Event raised when selected country from country picker dialog.

Returns the country data from Json file as Json string, to use the json for other purposes.

Get all list of country, code, flag and dial code as separate lists to create your own custom country picker dialog.

Properties blocks to customize dialog properties.

Sample Blocks

  1. Default Theme


  1. Light Theme


  1. Dark Theme



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AIX CountryPicker.aix (16.8 KB)

JSON Country.json.txt (26.9 KB) (Rename this file to Country.json and upload to your app assets)

TestApp.aia (97.7 KB)

This won’t work in Companion


You are Doing Amazing Work , :100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100:

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You don’t have to do this. For Extension Template you can create a new /assets/ folder and then put the JSON file inside. For Rush there is a designated folder for this as well.

I am asking to rename the file because I am unable to upload json file here in community so I have renamed it to .txt file.

And regarding using extension template, I made this extension using Ni0tr0n IDE.

I would like to ask if I use rush with the method you mentioned, then no need to upload json file in assets? Will it be placed in extensions itself?

Yes, both with Rush and Extensions Template. It might not work with Extensions Template in the companion, but it will definitely work in the APK.


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cool extension. btw can this be open source? because I want to change some design. apart from that i really appreciate your work

Unfortunately at this time it is not opensource. What modifications do you want?

i want to change the height and width

height and width of what, dialog or list items?

if possible to change the dialog width. to 80%

I already tried to set custom height of dialog but its causing abnormal behavior of list item click functionality.

I will try a different approach.

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well, I also prefer functional.