[FREE] CropView Extension : Crop Image View With Customizations

This extension allows you to add crop view inside app with customizations :grin:
You can set image format,quality,frame color,handle color,handle size and handle touch area,minimum frame size…ect… Many Things!

Thanks to @Henry and @chaimk for sponsoring this extension :smile:!




AIX - com.atomdeveloper.CropView.aix (75.0 KB)

Please make sure you have READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to use this extension properly

Ask me any doubt below :blush:


Nice Extension !

Nice extension @Atom_Developer

very good one

Nice Work
But the problem is I am not able to create new directory. How to do that?

save file,
mnt/sdcard/new_folder/myfile.jpg [doesn’t work]
mnt/sdcard/myfile.jpg [works]

How to write directory?

Superb Extension @Atom_Developer !
You release extensions now and then, so fast it will take me forever to reply in all of your 36 extensions

New property recommendation-

  • Color of the circles (You can name it “CircleColor”)
  • Size of the circles (You can name it “CircleSize”)
  • Image of the circles (You can name it “CircleImage”)
  • Background color & transparency outside the box
  • Background color & transparency inside the box

This will make it even better and the best extension for cropping by user


this is one of the best extension i have seen
thank you for it @Atom_Developer

Amazing Extension…

Really nice extension BR0.

Taifun file extension

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You can only save if directory is valid

If there is no directory…create one as @Angelo_Angius said.

thank you.


thanks good im going to use in my app as next update

Wow amazing

Very useful! Thanks, very generous of you. :smile:

can you make sample block? can you show block set compress quality

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Tiny issue (speeling mistake) :wink:



Nice point :+1:t2:

Thanks for pointing out :smile: :+1:t2:
Updated AIX + Blocks Image