[FREE] Custom List Picker Extension

Very good extension, but NOT WORK with TaifunMail (latest version). When is used both extension in one project, then cant compile this project.

Can you share image of compilation error message.

Please Help Me

@The_K_Studio Excellent extension!
I would like to know if in the future you could add a block to change the (Hint Title) just as the (Title) block already exists

Try in Apk

I Will try

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Would be awesome if filter could be full text to search also in string.

I didn’t get you. It is already possible to search with the string as well.

Here u go!

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Unfortunately no.

e.g. List Picker has the following elements:

  • Item0001
  • Item26179
  • Item 100
  • Item 9

If I now filter to “9” the elements should show:

  • Item26179
  • Item 9

Atm only “Item 9” will be shown.

I got you, but this is how it actually works.

It uses default string based filter mechanism/criteria to search with the given keyword. If the given keyword contains list item from which they start, such items will get only filtered.

For. eg. in your given items there is a space between item and 9 and there is no space in item26179, so when you search with 9 then you will only get item 9.

Keyword in between the words will not get filtered.

Then I have to rebuild my app, cause this is needed for my purpose.

There is no possibility to change the mechanism?

Thank you very much for your willingness!

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It can be done with little research, but this will need to modify all code.

May be you need to set your list items by including space inbetween string and integers like item 1, item 2 instead of item1, item2.

Updated Version 4:

Added property to Show/Hide Select All/None button.
Added property to set text of Select All/None button.


Good Option …