[FREE] Custom List View - An Extension for making Image and text list view with a lot of customization

Can you check older posts? You will find the issue.

AddItem block is all yours give any image in same way you give the titles and subtitles.

I already said that it don’t work fully in AI2.

Thank you!

Hi there.

Are there any possibility to hide indexes?
I can’t find a solution to hide/make invisible indexes.

Like a search function, but not by searching I want to be able to click on 4 different buttons.
My buttons are “Today” - “This Week” - “Next Week” - “Show All”.

If click “Today” I want the list to only show indexes with todays date, but I don’t find the solution to hide the other indexes with different dates than today.

The only way I have figured works is by remove all indexes and only show what I want. But then I have to load the list again by clearing list and adding items again each time :thinking: :confused:

Is this the only way?

I downloaded and installed extension, but if I put in one screen of my app, nothing appear! Only in All Component list and in Blocks, but if I compile blocks with Add method and test connecting companion, nothing happen! The screen is empty and no error appear. Can I fix that? Tx

I don’t see the problem, that’s where it should be, where do you want it to show?

The extension is not visible. You need to add an arrangement where you want the list to be and do like this with blocks:

Yes, I did, I added some elements, but nothing is visible in the screen when I launch the companion.

Could you show your blocks?
I use this extension multiple places and have no problems showing lists.
So my guess is that there are something wrong with your blocks :thinking:

Ok, now I understand: the first block MUST be “CreateListView in…” and now seems function.
But in my example the secondary Text appear at right side. Why?


Good :+1:

Because that’s the place it’s supposed to be with this extension.

Where did you want the secondary text to be?

Under Subtitle!
I noted in explanation in this tutorial that is displayed a feature that is not present in extension installed (view image). Is that?

Activate HTML in extension, then you can do like this:

I tried also in Secondary text, but it seems HTML does not work there.


Is there only 1 check for HTML format? If yes, I tryed to insert in secondary text: 'angular bracket" br “angular bracket” Text one (without ") and all the secondary Text disappear!!
But, if I put "Text one “angular bracket” br “angular bracket” (without ") the secondary text appear but at right (in previous position).
The same situation if i put “angular bracket” br “angular bracket” (without ") at end of subtitle text.

Pay attention: I inserted the expression “angular bracket” instead of < and > characters because in this text the sentence go in next row!


As I said:

BUT, I tried again and found out it works also with some HTML codes in Secondary text, but not any kind of line break I’m afraid.

You can insert different codes like HTML if you put the text inside “Preformatted Text”:

Then you can do like this example

Here I have inserted formated text:

<b> - Bold text
<strong> - Important text
<i> - Italic text
<em> - Emphasized text
<mark> - Marked text
<small> - Smaller text
<del> - Deleted text
<ins> - Inserted text
<sub> - Subscript text
<sup> - Superscript text

Tx a lot for your suggestion for HTML text insert in messages!
I’m wating for fixing these issues. Tx.

At last analysis, is it impossible to put all text (Title, Subtitle and Secondary text) one under other?
It’s very strange!

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