[FREE] Custom TextView Extension - An Extension for making different types of labels with more customization

It is support Arabic ?

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No. Only english language is supported currently.:slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks u @Sumit1334 for very nice extension

if possible to add background image of text bocks.

You can set the background image to the parent of the textview. For ex, if you’re making the textview in horizontal arrangement1 then set the image that you want to that horizontal arrangement.

oh sorry my mistake
my question
fill image on text

I guess not possible :thinking:

Nice extension :ok_hand:

Hi the extension is nice. can you share the aia because its easy to get confused…

I never created any particular aia for this extension. There are all demo blocks above then why you need aia. You can copy them in to your project by dragging them

Surprising… This extension do not need multiple blocks, it needs just as shown in the first post

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Good extension…
Can you make animation auto repeat border Line or border dot blink on arangment?

Version 2

Hey All, there is a new verison of Custom Textview is ready here.

What’s new

  • Some Bug Fixed
  • A new type of textview is added that is Particle textview with six types of strategy.


component_method (7)

This block creates the particle textview woth unique id. In strategy param you have to give the strategy property that you want and speed can be a float with a default value of 20. Where particleColors accepts a list of colors that you want to show in particles. If you want to create it with default colors then you can simply give the Create Empty List to this param.


These are properties for strategy


blocks - 2021-07-16T112014.847

Here is the simple block for creating this text view.

This textview is not so customisable as the library dont give much methods but I will try to implement some important methods so it can more customisable in upcoming updates.





The libraries the extension is based on :- :point_down:

Download links are on the top go and download the latest version from there.
Kindly update the extension for best work in your app
Thank you


Awesome extension :heart_eyes:

awesome extension

Great extension! I was going to create something similar to TypeWriter, so it means you just saved my time!

If you’re going to use this extension only for typewriter then I won’t recommend you. As it can be done by inbuilt block and a clock component. You can make this typewriter effect to inbuilt label component without creating any new instance. If you will use extension for typewriter then you will need to create new labels that’s my point.

No. I like the idea of Evaporate TextView and Fade TextView too.

How to add font on text can you help

Are you talking about font typeface?
If yes then you should use these blocks as documented above.

And if you’re asking for font size then use this block.

Yes this is available on extension